License (SAP Business One) On Premise / On Demand

Boyum-IT Add-ons for SAP Business One:

1. BOYUM Usability Package:

Allows usability enhancement in the system including full form manipulation and design, adding validations and macros, pop up messages, blocking messages, hiding fields, moving fields, adding and hiding tabs, placement of UDF’s in the main form, adding menus for reports and functions, adding button, multi company and multi localization exchange rates automatic updates, activation of external software.

2. BOYUM Print and Delivery:
Printing or mailing of system documents in a batch or specifically based on triggered events or automatically in the background. Includes all marketing documents (purchasing and sales), Inventory documents, Incoming and outgoing payments, dunning letters, personal reminders to customers and order confirmations.
3. Boyum CRM for Outlook Module:

add-on for integration to outlook from SAP Business One. Adds toolbar to the outlook applications that shows customer data from SAP Business One, contact integration, and document integration between the two applications. The module allows creating of service calls, activities from outlook directly into SAP Business One.

4. B1 Document Manager:

allows attaching and categorizing external documents, files and e-mails into SAP Business One objects such as projects, cost centers, documents etc. The module allows easy archiving of these documents and easy draw of data from the file server using a special DB.

5. B1iPayment – Credit Card payments in SAP Business One:

Credit Card payments in SAP Business One. Allows credit card purchases directly from SAP Business One documents such as Orders, Advance payments, AR Invoices, Deliveries.

6. B1 Mail Chimp:

Integration of SAP Business One campaigns via mail for up to 2000 customers and follow up of the campaign till closure and sale.

7. B1 Budget:

management of account and item budget in the sales module.

8. B1 Time Task:

registration of employee billable hours and billing of these hours to the customer’s balance in a 2 step procedure. Easy control and tracking o employee hours.

9. Beas Manufacturing:

Extended manufacturing management module from Be.As Germany acquired by BOYUM in 2016. This module supports all manufacturing processes and all manufacturing industries and is a leading manufacturing solution worldwide for SAP Business One customers in the last 2 decades.

B1 Dashboard:

With the B1 Dashboard you get an 360 illustrated view of your company. This modul gives you a visual presentation of your business data. You get a detailed and fact-based view of your activities and statements so you can make better business decisions. B1 Dashboards consist of various types of graphs and charts, which gathers information from multiple sources into a single view.

This gives you an overview of the important figures in one image from where you can make decisions.

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